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Maybe it’s a bit of a cop-out to say that it doesn’t matter what I think or why I make the things I do,  that it only matters what you think and how you feel when you look at whatever it is I’ve made—but that is what I think.

How we respond as individuals to our own direct experience seems to be what matters most. I have to make things. I enjoy the creative process. It forces me to make value judgements about the kind of thoughts I’m bringing into existence. It’s a way to draw attention to the things I’ve found remarkable and doing that helps bring clarity and it gets me exercising a level of sovereignty that makes me feel alive. I can find satisfaction in that process, and as my experience of reality changes the things I'm making in response to it change too.

We can’t un-see the things we’ve seen, or take back our experiences. Mostly it seems like we just bounce off them in whichever direction they lead, but I've come to believe that our direction is continuously being determined by us. Either consciously by the deliberate choices we make along the way, or more often it seems like it’s being determined subconsciously by default of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are (or, who we think other people think we are) and where we are in relation to where we want to be.

I’m interested in where those stories come from and how they serve us as individual members of a global society. Our ability to exercise the self-determination required to consciously author those stories—combined with our personal hierarchy of values seems fundamental in shaping the collective experience of reality.

Who’s focusing our attention? How's our energy being spent? What ideas are we feeding into the mainstream? It's good to keep on top of that stuff and be aware of who or what it is that we’re letting divert our attention and spend our energy. Especially during times of vulnerability when we become hesitant and self-doubt has us looking 'out there' for external guidance. That’s normally a pretty good sign that our priorities are no longer in order, that we’ve become part of someone else's plan and less deliberate in choosing the focus of our own attention. Maybe we are products of our environment but I think human awareness has expanded to the point where we’re now more able to choose how we perceive and respond to the environments that shape us. I think we can choose the thoughts we entertain, it’s not easy but it’s absolutely possible. We can edit the stories we tell ourselves and interpret them in ways that tune us into more satisfying understandings of reality. I’m always keen to see what it takes for someone to feel inspired enough that they allow themselves to explore their own unknowns and arrive at new ways of seeing. Getting to witness someone changing their own mind is radical––it’s courageous to explore new ground and conversations between two or more people who leave themselves open to that possibility are refreshing to witness.

Here’s a quote from the internet.

You like the internet right?

It’s from a bloke called David R Hawkins. He was into some pretty weird stuff but this is one of the best explanations of the futility of explaining things that I’ve ever read.

”Human reason exhausts itself ceaselessly to explain the inexplicable. Explanation itself is high comedy, as preposterous as trying to see the back of one’s own head, but the vanity of the ego is boundless, and it becomes even more overblown by this very attempt to make sense of nonsense.

The mind, in its identity with the ego, cannot by definition, comprehend reality; if it could, it would instantly dissolve itself upon recognizing its own illusory nature. It’s only beyond the paradox of mind transcending ego that what is stands forth, self-evident and dazzling in its infinite absoluteness.

And then all of these words are useless."

I like it because it keeps me grounded, it reminds me to relax and quit taking things so seriously. To stop resisting my impulse to make things and to priorities the things that come naturally to me, the things I’m under no obligation to do. I think that’s a really valuable place to be making art from and I work a part-time job to help maintain that freedom.

The rest of the time I work from a shared studio space on the Arts & Industry Estate in Byron Bay, Australia. If you’d like to visit the studio and see what I’m currently working on please get in touch.

You can contact me from here: Contact

Or email me directly: joshgalletly @gmail.com

I use an instagram account to help document my work and map it’s evo/devo-lution. You can see that process and follow the work here @joshgalletly 





07/2016 –– Present
Part-Time Graphic Designer : EPØKHE
Epøkhe is an Australian Eyewear Company founded in 2011 by Dion Agius, Kai Neville and Mitch Colborn. My role involves Product Photography, Lookbook Design and Brand Identity across digital and print media. Along with web-design and maintenance of 5 regional webstores; Australia, America, Europe, UK & Japan


11/2013 –– 07/2016
Graphic Artist / Designer : AFENDS
Afends brought me over to Australia from the UK in 2013 and sponsored me to become a Permenant Resident of Australia. In such a rapidly growing business my role varied greatly and included: Apparel Graphic Design, Garment Design, Yardages, Trims, Tech-packing, Point of Sale Design, Marketing, Webstore Design and management, Campaign artworks. I continue to work with Afends producing apparel graphics on a freelance basis.


03/2013 –– 11/2013
Freelance Artist/Designer
Rhythm Europe (Austria)
Animal UK
Afends (Aus)
Instyle Trading (Aus)
Adrift Print (Aus)
Dead Kooks (Aus)
Proper Modern Ltd. (UK)

02/2013 –– 03/2013

Group Exhibition: Moose&Moonshine at Die Bäckerei - Innsbruck, Austria
“Bringing a little taste of Sweden to the Austrian Alps, Rhythm presents selected art and photography from friends and co-creators, Carlos Blanchard, Crista Leonard, Josh Galletly, Matic Zavodnik and Case Maclaim. Featuring a musical performance from Elias One Man Band and the indelibly inky delights of Tattoo artist Bozo”

01/2013 –– 03/2013

Freelance Designer: Rhythm Europe - Innsbruck, Austria
Menswear Apparel Graphics
Snowboard Graphics
ISPO Tradeshow Munich; event artwork, booth design and graphics

07/2012 –– 01/2013
Menswear Apparel Graphic Designer : Animal Clothing UK
Menswear and Boyswear Apparel Graphic Designer

05/2012 –– 06/2012

Solo Exhibition: Not Surf Art - Cornwall, UK

Exhibition of timber assembleage
Artworks from the same body of work also displayed at: The Top Shop & Belongil Bistro in Byron Bay, NSW Australia

06/2011 –– 11/2011
Graphic Designer: Mambo (UK)
Apparel Graphics
In-store artworks
Tradeshow live-artwork

07/2010 –– 07/2012

Freelance Artist/Designer
The Walart (Aus)
Electric Visual (Aus)
Afends (Aus)
KooK Newspaper (UK)
Computer Arts Magazine (UK)
Mambo (Aus/UK)
Sirens Surf (UK)
Ectic Concepts (UK)
Glass Tiger Surfboards (UK)

09/2007 –– 07/2010
University College Falmouth, Cornwall UK
BA hons, Illustration

09/2006 –– 07/2007

Plymouth College of Art & Design, Cornwall UK
Foundation Diploma, Art & Design